Which competencies does JCSTS specialize in?

JCSTS is committed to 15 core competencies categorized into four areas of Christian praxis:

Think Theologically

  • Develop theological literacy and practice theological reflection

  • Communicate the gospel effectively to a variety of people in religious and non-religious settings

  • Embody the Christian faith through ethical action

Lead Intentionally

  • Interpret and lead change

  • Manage conflict

  • Lead relevant worship experiences that connect others with God and world

Plan Effectively

  • Cultivate and articulate shared vision

  • Act entrepreneurially

  • Develop proficiency in technology and 21st forms of communication

  • Steward financial, personal, and spiritual resources effectively

Create Beloved Community

  • Listen effectively to culture of church and community

  • Develop collaborations in church and community

  • Equip staff and members to live justly

  • Work to establish just ecologies of community

  • Organize for community transformation