MLK Drum Major for Justice 

Dr. King said, “It may well be that we will have to repent in this generation, not merely for the vitriolic words and the violent actions of the bad people, but for the appalling silence and indifference of the good people who sit around and say ‘wait on time.’"

Congratulations to our 2021 Drum Major for Justice Scholars selected to kick off their learning journey in February 2021! We look forward to their learning and future impact!  

Drum Major for Justice is the lead course we are developing in a certificate program in public theology. The purpose of Drum Major for Justice is to equip pastors, lay people, activists, and others to find their voice, collaborate with others, and engage the history of the Black Church and the insights of a Black theology of liberation arenas beyond the walls of the church in the pursuit of justice and societal transformation. 

Upon completion of the course, learning partners will have covered:

  1. Intro to Black Theology and Legacy of the Black Church in the U.S.

  2. Underpinnings of Systemic Oppression

  3. Racism-Dependent Oppressions in the U.S. in the 20th Century

  4. Black-Led Liberation Movements

  5. Constructing a Systematic Theology of Healing and Repair

Course Information (The Fine Print)

Drum Major for Justice is a facilitated, cohort-based course of study, which the learning partner can expect to complete in approximately 6 months. The individual learning activities are designed for you to engage at your own time and pace. Some learning partners will advance through the learning activities quickly, others at a more moderate pace. 

The course is ungraded, but participants will be encouraged to share learning assignments with the course facilitator and one another in an effort to help the learning partner fully integrate the material. 

2021 Learner Enhancements 

  • In an effort to help the learning partner reflect upon and learn about the implications of the course material, especially in light of the pandemic and civil unrest in the U.S., a course facilitator will be available to support the learners with regular cohort meetings and office hours. 

  • JCSTS has adopted a new learning platform that is very exciting because of the opportunities it will afford asynchronous learning to engage one another as they carry out the work at their own pace.


Course Pricing

The price for the course is $449.00 plus the cost of books and materials (acquired on your own).

This certificate program is organized into distinct units. 

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