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JCSTS joins the call for a moral revival to eradicate structural racism.

George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. Art by Nikkolas Smith

Advancing communities of faith, justice, and compassion through innovation in theological education.


For Justice. For the Common Good.

Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary is one of the nine theological schools of the Presbyterian Church (USA), and the only one that is historically African American.


JCSTS' model focuses on 16 core competencies. Individual courses are designed to meet one or more of these competencies. Built into each course are learning activities and assessment tools that a student can complete on her/his own time frame for up to one year from the start date.


The goal is for a learner to complete all assessments successfully, thus demonstrating mastery of a specific competency. All courses are pass/fail; no grades are offered.

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Featured Courses

Discover how to be the change. Enroll now.

  • Drum Major for Justice

    Move beyond the four walls of church and exercise your faith by engaging the societal issues of our day. 

  • Core I - Black Church USA, The Costen Thought

    Defining leadership in worship using cultural, liturgical, biblical foundations, and denominational distinctions.

  • Justice Foundation Series

    A theological primer on justice in our world today. Become more effective as allies, activists, and leaders.

Melva W. Costen Institue for Worship Leadership

Identify your agogic moment and make something happen. Dr. Melva W. Costen Institute for Worship Leadership Music, Media, and Sacred Arts; Classes for Leadership Development Black Church USA Intensive Launched December 2020.


For Peace and for Power.

The Reverend Paul Timothy Roberts Sr.

Under Paul’s leadership, JCSTS is reinventing itself and has gained prominence in the national conversation about justice, faith, and new models of theological education.


Paul preaches and teaches nationally, and has written for numerous publications. He serves on the boards of the Presbyterian Foundation, Montreat Conference Center, Macedonian Ministry Inc, and NEXT Church. For podcasts, Youtube videos, and messages click below.

"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education."



Hope & Health

Resources specially curated to increase health awareness and support communities during the pandemic.

Drum Major For Justice

Understand the history of the Black Church and Black-led liberation movements and to apply those lessons to the challenges of systemic oppression in our time.


Justice Foundations

The Justice Foundations Series (JFS) provides an initial overview of key concepts to explore the intersections between social justice, faith-based action, and congregational life. This material is designed for self-directed, individual Learning Partners (traditionally called students), and adult education, bible study or youth group meetings and retreats.  


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Theological Seminary

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JCSTS is a 501c3 non-profit organization. 
All financial contributions made to JCSTS are tax-deductible.

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